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Windows Phone Store: 75,000 new apps in 2012

Microsoft published the report in 2012: more than 75,000 new apps and more than 300,000 available updates on the Windows Phone Store.

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Microsoft has posted on the developer blog post in which they summarize the changes introduced in 2012. The most important news of the year is undoubtedly Windows Phone 8, officially announced in late October. The Redmond Company has created a new platform, new development tools and a new digital store for applications and games. The results of these efforts are visible in the number of downloads and increasing the number of app published on the Windows Phone Store.

During the 2012, Microsoft has tested and certified over 75,000 new apps and games, thereby verifying the compliance with the guidelines and the absence of malware. There has also published on the store over 300,000 updates to the app already on the digital store. Based on the data collected, every Windows Phone user has downloaded an average of 54 applications, with 85% of users; Windows Phone 8 chose the so-called live apps, or apps that display information directly on the Start screen of your smartphone.

To improve the user experience of the platform introduces several new features. The Windows Phone Store (including the Web version based) has in fact been updated to simplify the search for the app by adding the libraries, lists and smart Bing as a search engine. There although the shopping experience has been simplified, increasing the payment options and doubling the number of billing systems.

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has created new revenue opportunities for developers. Sales of new smartphones, combined with new built-in applications (for example, in-app purchases), has allowed us to increase profits by up to 40% within 30 days of the issue of the development kit. In these 12 months also increased the number of markets: the Windows Phone Store is now available in more than 190 countries worldwide. The number of potential buyers has increased by 90% and, for this reason, Microsoft recommends that you “get on board” by visiting the Dev Center, where developers will find all the information on the new mobile platform.