vizio 7-inch tablet

Vizio also has a 7-inch tablet

A Google tablet also compact going to be a new rival by Vizio that in addition to the Android tablet 10.1 inches, has presented one of 7 inches. In this sector, in any case, the price is always a factor and we have no information on this aspect, but specs certainly have nothing to envy Nexus 7.

vizio  7-inch tablet

All indications are that Vizio will jump to compete directly with the range of Nexus tablets, or at least devices Android presented today seem tailor-made for it. The reference to the range of Google tablets is particularly evident in the case of your device 7 inches, with specs less spectacular than those of the 10-inch tablet that are largely, a replica of the Nexus 7, although it should be noted that we do not have a complete list of features yet: instead of mounting a Tegra 4 (as does the 10-inch tablet), will have a processor Nvidia Tegra 3, and the screen resolution will be 1280 x 800. Also as Nexus 7, will have at least 16 GB of storage capacity and a front camera of 1.2 MP. Where we do agree to the device is 7 to 10 inches in the operating system: both will have the latest version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.

In Vizio claim to have paid special attention to design, especially considering the use that users can make the tablet and e-reader. In any case, as we say, when judging the possibilities of this new tablet to compete with Nexus 7, plus some other features that do not know (such as the battery, for example), the price will have a key role and we know that due to the sponsorship of Google, it is difficult to compete with their ​​in this aspect. But in The Verge, who have been able to speak with company representatives, seem confident that will be competitively priced.