microsoft messaging system

‘Teams’, Microsoft’s new enterprise messaging system

Microsoft Corp has launched the Microsoft Teams messaging system, which will be part of the Office 365 services, its cloud software that has more than 85 million active business users per month.

microsoft messaging system
photo: Reuters

The new program seeks to compete with emerging technology company Slack and Workplace of Facebook Inc. product. Indeed, Slack, based in San Francisco, California, posted a full-page notice on Wednesday in the New York Times referring to the launch.

“We are sincerely excited to have competition,” said the company, which has clients such as CBS Corp, BuzzFeed, universities and the US Government, which had 4 million active users daily in October.

Microsoft said a Teams breakthrough is available for Office 365 customers with business or business plans. Through this tool workers can not only have team conversations visible to everyone, but also have the possibility of private chat.

Also, Skype is integrated so that the teams can participate in voice and video conferencing. In addition, users can add personality to their digital workspace with emojis, GIFs and personalized memes.

The tool gives the option to add tabs to provide quick access to documents and services of frequently used in the cloud and to explore data and take quick action.