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Skype for WP8, version 2.1 available

The new version of the app for Windows Phone 8 fixes some bugs, but the team has temporarily disabled the Skype integration with the People Hub.

skype for wp8

Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Windows Phone 8. Although the term “Preview” is used to indicate the software, the Redmond Company has developed a third release after the announcement in conjunction with the launch of the new mobile platform and after the update released in mid-November 2012. Microsoft warns users that even the new Skype 2.1 still offers the best experience, so you have to wait for the final version to be able to make a definitive judgment on the VoIP client for Windows Phone 8.

In the last months of 2012 the division Skype of Microsoft has worked mainly on solving reliability problems, the performance improvement and the integration of some features not implemented in the previous version 2.0. The list of what’s new with Skype 2.1 has been published on the official blog:

  • Updated the keyboard chat with enhancements to the functions of auto-completion and auto-correction;
  • Friends of Windows Live Messenger are labeled in the list People;
  • Added the option to enable notifications for friends of Windows Live Messenger.

One of the built-in features since the first version of the application or integration in the People Hub of Windows Phone 8, was instead temporarily disabled because bugs have been reported involving the instability of smartphones. The Skype team is currently working with the Windows Phone team to identify the cause and resolve the problem, so as to enable the feature in the next release. In addition to the new list has been improved the reliability of notifications (calls and chat) when the app is closed, the call reliability and restored the chronological display of chat messages.