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Semantic search, an important development in the search engine

Google will analyze the meaning of the words in searches through semantic search. Google, the giant Internet search, is designing a considerable improvement in its search engine, allowing you to deliver better results in searches incorporating semantic search, i.e., depending on the meaning of words. You can know more details below.

an important development in the search engine

Thus, the Mountain View giant aims to give a more real and concrete to the search you are doing. When displaying search results is not the same as the word “Jaguar” is interpreted as a type of car you like an animal, and that’s where comes in semantic search.

With semantic search is intended that the search engine identify the true meaning of words, so as to associate the words that are different from the meaning they have.

According to Amit Singhal, executive of Google, this new system will analyze the meaning of words and its performance is closer to the concept of how people understand the world.

In addition to this improvement in Google searches also include an optimization in search engines, advertising and the results page rank, so that these changes will affect the positioning of many websites and also allow different forms of advertising.