New colors for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

While we wait for more news about the next generation of pioneer phablets, continue to receive current news for Galaxy Note 2. In recent times we have not stopped hearing from models in new colors and a new batch arrived this week. Would you like to see how it looks on phablet of Samsung in its new colors? We show you in the pictures.


Although a new generation of equipment from different brands and with spectacular specs on the heels of the Galaxy Note 2 still holding up quite well and, despite rumors of its successor is already underway, it appears that Samsung aims to extend its life still pretty. With the homework done in the section of hardware, it is clear that one of the best options (and one of the simplest) to give a breath of fresh air to the device may be developments in the design, and the South Koreans take several weeks dedicated to it completely.

We have already had occasion to see images of the Galaxy Note 2 dressed with some new colors: first images we got an elegant model in black, and soon after we received the news that would also in red and brown, but the pictures on that time corresponded to a leak and its quality was certainly improved. Although it’s still interesting black model without news, yes we have seen and the images will look official in ruby wine (Ruby Wine) and amber brown (Amber Brown).

As reported by our colleagues at Android support, these new models will begin to be marketed in Korea tomorrow and hope that, before long, make the leap from there to the rest of the planet, though presumably it will do so climbing and even possible that through only a few operators.