motorola google x phone

More resistance and autonomy for X Phone

Although the leaks that are leaving us some small brushstrokes of how they will be future devices born of the collaboration between Google and Motorola are always welcome is more than appreciated the chance to learn a little more through the company’s own representatives. Some recent statements by Larry Page indicated that the autonomy and resistance are two aspects in which the X Phone is more advance.

motorola google x phone

We know some details of X Phone, as it will have a screen of 5 inch edge to edge and will work with the expected Android 5.0. Today, however, we have had occasion to know one’s own mouth Larry Page, CEO of Google, through a statement of which have echoed of our fellow MovilZona, some key objectives that focus the efforts of the company and which are but the autonomy and resistance.

In Google are well aware of the problem of the slow evolution of the technologies applied to the batteries for the user experience with their mobile devices. With screens increasingly demanding and increasingly powerful processors batteries (which are still more or less the same) are increasingly giving less of it. So this is one of the points that we expect to see the X Phone excel and would undoubtedly good news.

The other aspect that seems to give more importance in Google is the resistance. They are a classic and media technology in the test of resistance which is subject to all kinds of torture to mobile devices to test their endurance against drops and bumps. Again the Mountain View seems aware of the concerns of users and in this section, we can expect the future X Phone is established specially trained.