Photo: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

MacBook Pro, or how Apple left us ‘escape’

Apple’s decision to launch a MacBook Pro, the top of its line of portable device, devoid of any port other than the USB-C is, to say the least, questionable.

Photo: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters
Photo: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

That is, one thing is to remove the USB port or SD card slot in a MacBook Air, which by definition aims to be as light as possible, and another to do it in a Pro, directed precisely to professionals working with better specifications, including cameras that use those cards. I remove the Esc key? How so there is a connector ‘lightning’ to load among all devices- the new iPhone 7?

But Apple is right. While there is no doubt that the firm plans to sell lots of accessories and adapters (which are not what you say cheap), it is likely to be advancing again to the industry trend. For Apple, the wireless camera technology today (even some compact) will soon be unnecessary to connect anything to the computer. And if you have to use an external reader, they argue, it is just what they should do who use Compact Flash or XQD.

Similarly, incorporation into the top of the keyboard and famous Touch Bar (tactile and ultra-personalize-able tool) is a step in the right direction.

For we are accustomed to the function keys are space that can be used smarter, and technologically ‘virtual buttons’ makes this possible. It is painful to say farewell to the Esc key, because it is an old friend, but necessary. And if someone, such as a programmer, finds that seriously needs, it is possible to program the Touch Bar to display it.

The departure of MagSafe connector, the very safe charging connector of the latest generations of Pro is regretful, and the lack of coordination which involves removing the ‘jack’ headphone from new iPhone and preserve it in the best MacBook.

But in this, as in everything, Apple does not give us options. And it is best that the market seems to prove them right: even with criticism, the new MacBook Pro and Pro laptop with more orders in the history of the brand. The seduction of design, novelty or attachment to the brand remains the wild card, and Apple knows how to play it.