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LG reveals its plans to launch a new thinking smartphone

The smartphone market looks like a jungle where large companies are trying to steal each customers, and that when they are not suing each other for the stupidest reasons.


LG is one of those companies that are not necessarily in the center of these patent wars, but this did not happen because it had fewer failures than other companies.

For now, considering that LG has not yet reached the level of success of other Asian companies like Samsung or HTC, the South Korean manufacturer has gone unnoticed.

But things could change soon, as the company has big plans for the future. In a recent interview with iNEWS, Kwon Bong-Suk, Managing Director of LG Mobile Communications, said the company plans to launch a new “thinking smartphone.”

It seems that LG decided to give up its plan to add more features to mobile phones to build truly innovative devices from scratch, “Let’s create a product that can connect closely with consumers, a truly revolutionary.”

The LG representative said that the so-called “thinking smartphone” is an intelligent tool that can make decisions based on some predefined algorithms. Basically, the phone will be able to look at the bottom anything that improves the user experience.

Bong-suk also said that preparations for the rational development of the smartphone are underway and offered a good example of how to operate this device. This smartphone will be able to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, even though previously you set the alarm for 6:00 AM, just because it noticed that traffic on the way to work is very high at that time.

Furthermore, Bong-suk revealed that LG still interested in launching a $ 100 smartphone, but will have to find a way not to affect the user experience.