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Lady Gaga, violated the Twitter account

The Lady Gaga’s Twitter account was hacked by cyber criminals. The situation is already back to normal after hours of danger.

lady gaga

As reported by Websense, the singer Lady Gaga’s Twitter account was hacked by unknown cyber criminals. To arouse suspicion, later confirmed, was a theoretically chirp sent by the same artist, which seemed to invite her fans to participate in a survey through which it would be possible to win an iPad 2. Promise obviously phony.

The link attached to tweets in fact begins with the url “”, which indicates a short url that in many cases concealed targets potentially dangerous to the security of PCs as impossible to assess in advance by the user who click. Not surprisingly, the Twitter community was immediately move in defense of users favoring the hashtag # stophackingaga so that it can spread quickly, and that no additions to click on the link in the Twitter account and risk of falling into the trap.

However, the situation is apparently back to normal. The offending tweet has disappeared and the singer is back to post regularly, informing also came to be in Tokyo on December 20th with lots of photograph published on Twitpic. The artist herself has informed the hack was defeated shortly before her departure for the Japanese capital, thus confirming what happened in an official title.

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