Google warning about the insecurity of Windows XP

Windows XP released over 10 years ago, continues war on Microsoft. The operating system, which ends its support in April 2014, has been rated as very unsafe by a Google engineer that states that Windows XP is already ready for judgment. Nevertheless, Microsoft continues to publish regular security updates.


As we read the SoftZone, engineer Justin Schuh of Google has not hesitated to testify about the low Windows XP security compared to Windows Vista and newer systems. Windows Vista incorporates a new security design that makes it harder to compromise the system, unlike Windows XP, which works with outdated security design. This engineer is one developer head of the sandbox of Chrome for Windows and believes that the security of Windows Vista onwards is the obsolete Windows XP light years.

The engineer said that protection included in XP called DEP, Data Execution Prevention, is unreliable and is useless without other protection, the ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization). Also stressed that Windows XP does not incorporate security measures as SEHOP (Structured Exception Handling Overwrite Protection) or memory mitigation systems, which are the first defense against an exploit.

The second most widely used operating system

Despite all this, Windows XP is still the most used operating system in the world only behind Windows 7. Windows XP has a share of 38.71% while Windows 7 is present in 45.35% of computers. Third is Windows Vista, with only 5.06% of the users. Currently Microsoft is focused on Windows 8 and try their new operating system and get off soon attract users of older versions, such as Windows XP or Windows 7.

Upload the price of upgrading to Windows 8

This week the news has surprised on rising price of licenses of Windows 8. Until January 31 you can get the upgrade to Windows 8 for 29.90 euros but as of February 1st we will pay a whopping 150 euros to catch up on the new operating system from Microsoft.