Four alternatives to Instagram now that it is not so cool

Chances are, like many other users, may be angry with Instagram for its change in the terms and conditions, but later corrected its initial movement.


However, the monetization of the service is a photo filters immovable object to Facebook, the owner, and in January we will see a new text to reconsider the sale of certain photos or metadata. If you want to be prevented or want to keep trying, we present four alternatives to Instagram on iOS and Android.


The Yahoo service was the first to create a structure strictly for photo sharing. Perhaps its design is unattractive and user experience is not as cool, but it works perfectly, with various filters and organization system for albums and labels. What’s more important, you need not fear for selling your photos and to share with all social networks and for having. A safe option now also gives three months of free premium service.


There is too much like Instragram, have the option of filters but adds some amazing photo editing options only comparable to Photoshop Touch without reaching that level. Component lacking a social network be independent, but you can share what you make it to any of the networks you can think of. Best of all is that after its acquisition by Google, is completely free for Android and iOS.


If you want a social network for filter photo editing with the new tool that took the social network of 140 characters. The features do not end there, since you have a magic wand that adjusts the levels of the photo and another to cut the picture to your liking. Of course, it works with Twitter these cards. In short, offer all in one.


This social network full of tenderness, as the truth is that your approach is good and goes directly to the things you love expressed in pictures, music, books, thoughts or places. It integrates with all your other social networks and time taking pictures, from within the application, you can use filters, cropping and brightness adjustment.