dolphin browser

Dolphin Browser updated with false promises of improvement but with Evernote

Dolphin Browser is one of the best browsers for tablets Android or iPad thatwe can find. Now is now and promises a handful of developments that do not fit too what really got. Indeed, the benefits of the update we had for March 2012 are still the main attraction: the voice recognition and gestures.

dolphin browser

Now, if we give permissions on Facebook and Twitter, we can share links with a large enough facility from the browser. The function is not a panacea, but it is quite true that it automates and puts us a communication window box pre-agile communication, we get when we give Android sharing from any browser or application using links.

In the same dialog can shuffle the option of saving the URL in Evernote or Box, again, nothing new under the sun, but more comfortable.

However, its creators sold it this ability to share or archive as a single gesture, but at least we do two or three if we lower the bar menu displayed.

Another development that promises us is the ability to sync between your mobile device and desktop computer. Well, the famous extensions are impossible to find. To give an example, the extension for Chrome that should be on your Web Store does not appear anywhere and the links provided on both iTunes and Google Play not working.

It is somewhat disappointing that try to give a push download with false promises to a browser which in itself is very good. The voice search works well in Spanish, use the Google system, and orders not to open new tabs or share links that remain exclusive for English. The use of gestures is very good and makes the browser more attractive. While a menu favorites and a couple of buttons to go forward or backward it might be faster.

It would be better, if for example have Flash capability, something that if we had V9 version and the Beta project working well, but does not always work. The downside to this is that Chrome improvement project at a rate of scandal and Firefox also stepping up and also supports Flash and never fails.