Apple fans demand a phablet

We received the results of a survey that sheds very interesting facts about the three major of operating systems in the market of mobile device. Apple is shown to have a very special bond with their user that keeps very satisfied. In turn, almost 30% of fans say they would go to the Apple for terminal of 5 inches or more in case the company decides to launch it.


By now there is little left to say about the ability of Apple to generate adhesions bombproof. According to a study conducted by the firm Change Wave, users of iOS are the most satisfied. The percentage of users who say they are very satisfied with their gadgets in this ecosystem is 71%, while in other operating systems is fairly low ratio reaching 53% in the case of Windows Phone and only 48% for Android.

Another curious fact is that the idea of having a device more than 5 inches attracts a fairly high percentage of users of Apple, namely 27%. Yet the majority, 52%, still chooses the typical size around 4 inches. All this comes at a time of change apparent to the Cupertinothat is facing the situation of having to take a dump in your production and diversify the supply of products and is talking insistently about the possibility of soon a new iPhone in 3 versions, mini, standard and maxi.

This solution would give Apple the chance to compete on land, at this very moment are foreign, especially with the growing popularity of lower-middle-end devices, and secondly, by the generalization of a concept like phablet that throw us appears above the overnight. AppAdvice on the site where we have seen the reference to this study even dares to provide a name for the hypothetical phablet of Apple, ITAB. Will have to see how this issue develops, but it give us that soon there will be developments.